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Teaching proactively adapt to the developing demand of regional economic development in Shanghai, continue to deepen reform of engineering education, strengthen the construction of teaching content and the engineering practice teaching, and actively explore new cultivation mode and new cultivation mechanisms of applied undergraduate talents. Good teaching results are achieved by that.

2.Teaching achievements

School teachers are strong. There are Shanghai municipal ‘mechanical manufacturing technology’ teaching team, 1 Shanghai Oriental scholar, 1 Shanghai famous teacher, 2 Baoshan steel excellent teachers. More than 15 textbooks are published, such as ‘numerical control technology and application’, etc. , where including 2 national planning materials, 2 recently second session of Shanghai teaching achievement award. 18 education research and teaching reform projects of Shanghai education commission and school are completed over the past decade,19 teaching research papers are published,15 teaching and research awards of the national, provincial and municipal and school are obtained.

 5 Shanghai key curriculum, including ‘machine design foundation’, ‘advanced manufacturing technology’, ‘machinery manufacturing technology’, ‘testing technology’, and ‘computer aided design and manufacturing’, 2 Shanghai quality courses such as ‘machinery manufacturing base’, more than 30 school key curriculum have been built well.

‘Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation’ is Shanghai education commission high-level specialty construction professional, which has been incorporated into ‘085’ project key professional construction projects in the Shanghai university connotation construction, and carry on cooperative education program with American Central Michigan university (CMU). The professional obtains 2012 municipal colleges and universities ‘professional comprehensive reform pilot’ project, is included in the second batch program of excellent engineers plan of the ministry of education. Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, material forming and control engineering, these 2 professionals accept the Shanghai education commission's first professional selection and evaluation, and get a higher rating of experts.

Take implementing the ‘excellent engineers plan’ as the breakthrough, innovate ‘3+1’ college- enterprise cooperation training mode, business-oriented production line, to train excellent talented engineers who adapt to the enterprise development needs, with strong engineering consciousness, engineering quality, and high comprehensive quality.