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Practice base  


College has advanced engineering training center, School of mechanical engineering has modern manufacturing technology experiment center, mechanical and electronic technology experiment center and mold comprehensive experiment center of advanced manufacturing technology.

Experimental center covers more than 3000 square meters, and laboratory equipment and instruments worth around 26 million. There are nearly 30 professional basic and specialized laboratories, including mechanics, mechanical parts and principle, interchangeability and measuring technology, CAD/CAM, testing and fault diagnosis technology, mechanical manufacturing technology, fluid and control, machine tools and mould, material molding, mold manufacturing and technology development, mold digital design and manufacturing, typical numerical control equipment, data unit action principle, DNC/CAPP, CAD/CAM technology development and special medium intelligent detection, etc., and equipped with advanced CNC equipment, test and measurement instrument, design and calculation software, application software and platform for creative agency. Joint with Shanghai Fufei science and technology, Shanghai Weiyue science and technology, and Hangzhou Yiheng science and technology, etc., to establish school laboratory to take the mechanical basic courses teaching work, such as teaching, professional experiment, curriculum design, engineering training, etc.

Nearly 30 off-campus practice bases cooperating with enterprises are built, such as Shanghai electric group corporation, Shanghai vocational training center, Shanghai lida heavy industry manufacturing co., Ltd., Shanghai xiaoao automotive equipment co., Ltd., Shanghai aircraft engine manufacturing co., Ltd., China YTO co., Ltd., Shanghai Yahong mould co., Ltd., etc. Professional practice base cooperating with sinopec Shanghai petrochemical co., Ltd. is named ‘college demonstration of off-campus practice base of Shanghai’.