Training Plan
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Training Plan for Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation Students
Professional Code: 080301

I、Training Goal

    The professional trains applied engineering and technical personnel with moral, intellectual and physical development, and have a good innovation and professionalism, a solid human nature and engineering science theoretical foundation and applications, with a broad basic knowledge of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, and master the basic theory and skills of mechanical product design and manufacturing. Be engaged in mechanical engineering and automatic design and manufacturing, scientific research and development, applied research, production operating management and marketing, in the front line of mechanical manufacturing technology and equipment, numerical control technology, mechanical and electronic engineering industrial field. 

II、Training Requirements

    1、Support for the CPC's leadership, love the motherland, to establish a correct outlook on life, world outlook and values.
    2、Master  basic theory knowledge of mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing technology, mechatronics technology and numerical control technology, etc. Understand the development trends of professional direction and the frontiers of knowledge. Grasp the basic knowledge of business management.
    3、Abilities possessed
    1) Read and draw correctly the machining parts and assembly drawing, use computer to design and develop machinery products.
    2) Master basic professional skills, with comprehensive application mechanical, electrical, fluid (gas), testing, and control capabilities, good engineering practice ability, better information access and use capacity.
    3) Strong computer application skills, strong foreign languages comprehensive application ability.
   4) Strong ability to adapt the work, team spirit, innovation and self-learning ability.

III、School System and Degree

    School System: 4 years
    Credits: 200(Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, 198)
    Degree: Bachelor Degree

IV、 Major Subject

    Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics

V、Main Courses

    Mechanical Drawings with CAD, Theoretical Mechanics, Materials Mechanics, Machine Theory, Machine Design, Foundation of Control Engineering, Foundation of Machine Manufacture, Electrical Engineering.
    Other courses of Machinery Manufacturing Technology and Equipment: Machinery Manufacturing Technique, Special Processing, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Modern Machining Equipment, Metal Cutting Principle & Cutting Tools, Computer Aided   Design & Manufacturing, etc.
    Other courses of Numerical Control Technology Application: Principle and Programming of Numerical Control, Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing, Malfunction Diagnose and Maintain of NC Machine, Numerical Control Servo System & Position Measurement, Machinery Manufacturing Technique, Modern Machining Equipment, Metal Cutting Principle & Cutting Tools, etc. 
   Other courses of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering: Testing Technique, Hydraulic Driving and Control, Hydraulic-servo and Electro-hydraulic Proportional Control, Electrical Control of Mechatronical Transmission, Mechatronics Technology, etc.

VI、Main Practice Teaching

    Internships and practical training(18~22 credits)
    Curricular practices(5 credits)
    Course Design(8~11 credits)
    Graduation(16 credits)
    Practical teaching step accounts for 24.5~25 percent of the total credits, and 40.5~41.2 percent of the total class hours.

VII、Teaching Process Table

Training Plan for Mechanical Engineering and Automation .xls